photo Voldemars Zeltins

Born on January 26, 1879 and died on September 13, 1909 in Riga. Painter. Studies at V. Blum's School for Drawing and Painting (1896-1899) and, a short period, at Stiglitz's School in St. Petersburg (1902). Painter of expressive landscapes and portraits in oil. The first paintings were in the style of plein(??)-air Realism and Impressionism and under the influence of V. Purvitis. By 1904-1995(???), he arrived at greater generalization, color intensity and paid special attention to texture, impasto, and pattern-like brush stroke, which made his paintings akin to the Postimpressionist manner. Publications of graphic art pieces and essays on art in periodicals; author of stage-design projects.
References: J. Silins. Latvian Art in 1800-1914, II. Stockholm, 1980; Latvian Fine Arts in 1860-1940. Riga, 1986; E. Klavins. Latvian Portrait Painting in 1850-1916. Riga, 1996; J. Silins. Voldemars Zeltins // Ilustrets Zurnals, 1925, No. 2.

image  Landscape. Oil on canvas. 55 x 75 cm

image  Roofs. Study. Oil on cardboard. 30 x 25 cm

image  Birch Trees. 1906. Oil on cardboard. 34 x 25,8 cm

image Autumn. Oil on canvas. 26,5 x 33 cm

image Portrait of P.Gruzna. ca1908. Oil, pastel, tempera, canvas.

image  Study. ca 1907. Oil on canvas. 18 x 24,5 cm

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