photo Sigismunds Vidbergs

BBorn on May 10, 1890 in Jelgava (Latvia), died in January 31, 1970 in New Jersey (USA). Graphic artist. Studies at Stiglitz's Central School of Technical Drawing in St. Petersburg (1908-1915), a graduate of K. Brencens' workshop for glass painting; member of the Riga Artists' Group (1921-1925) and Riga Graphic Artists' Association.
Specialization in graphic arts, book and applied graphic art, and ex libris. In his works, technique of drawing with Indian ink dominates. Porcelain painter at Baltars workshop (1924-1928); winner of the 1925 Gold Medal at the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts in Paris); stained-glass maker and stage designer. Editor of the art section of the Illustrated Magazine, head of the print chamber at the Riga City Art Museum. Professor of the graphic art workshop at the Latvian Academy of Arts (1940-1941). In 1944, he emigrated to Germany and in 1949 to New York.
References: O. Liepins. Sigismunds Vidbergs. Riga, 1942; H. Vitols. Sigismunds Vidbergs. Latvian Fine Arts in 1860 - 1940. Riga, 1986; J. Silins. Latvian Art in 1800 - 1914, I. Stockholm, 19?? ; Latvian State Academy of Arts / Compiled by I. Burane. Riga, 1989.

image Self-portrait. Indian ink on paper.

image Harem. 1925. Indian ink on paper.

image To the cafe. 1926. Indian ink on paper.

image Old Riga. 1938. Indian ink on paper. 39,5 x 13,5 cm

image Portrait of K.Skalbe. Indian ink on paper.

image Ill. for P.Luiss' Songs of Bilitis. 1926. Indian ink, paper.

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