Bom in 1959. Professional training Riga Applied Arts School (1974 1979), Latvian Academy of Arts, Painting Department (1981 1988) under the supervision of prof. I. Vecozols. Has enhanced her skills in the post graduate Master Studio supervised by prof. B. Berzins.
Has been contributing to exhibitions since 1980. Member of Latvian Artists' Union since 1989. Member of Association "B 13" since 1993.
Has had several solo shows in Riga, Germany and Paris. Regularly par- ticipates in group exhibitions in Riga, Vilnius, Netherlands, Austria, USA, France, Australia.
Her works are to be found in the collections of Art Museum "Arsenal" and Latvian Artists' Union, Russian Art Academy, in the Gallery "Arthur Andersen L Co" in Hamburg, as well as in private collections in Latvia, Russia, France, Germany, Belgium, USA, Canada, Denmark, Netherlands.
Awarded a gold medal by the USSR Ministry of Culture in 1989.

" Texture in paintings is essential to its aesthetic value. A good painting with its texture gives visual pleasure when it is unique and inimitable."

  Composition. 1990. Oil on canvas. 70 x 60

  Variations. 1990. Oil on canvas. 74 x 62

  Brussel's Abstraction. 1992. Oil on canvas. 72,5 x 60

  Paris in White. 1993. Oil on canvas. 71 x 61

  The Gray One. 1993. Oil on canvas. 95 x 85

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