Born in 1943. Professional training Riga Applied Arts School (1958 1963), the Latvian Academy of Arts, Department of Interior and Furnishings (1963-1971) under the supervision of Prof. A. Stankevics.
Has been contributing to exhibitions since 1967. Member of Latvian Artists' Union since 1975. Member of Association "B 13" (1993 - 1998) since 1993.
Has participared in the following main exibitions:

1958 - International exibition "Expo", Brussels, was awarded a silver medal;
1977 - Exibition of Yong Artists' Works, Moscow, was awarded the 1st prize by the Russian Art Academy;
1978 - Art Exibition, New York, the USA;
1980 - Art Exibition devoted to the International Children's Year, Turin, Italy;
1983 - Solo Show, Riga, Latvia;
1985 - Solo Show, Valmiera, Latvia;
1987 - Exibition "Space and We", Riga, Latvia;
1988 - Exibition "Form, Color, Light", Riga, Latvia;
1990 - Solo Show, in Gallery "M 6", Riga, Latvia;
1991 - Exibition of Latvian Painting in Cologne, Germany;
1993 - Art Exibition, of the International Art Association "B 13", Riga, Latvia;
1995 - "ARTE FEERA - 95", Bologna, Italy;
1996 - Exibition "The Secoond Life" by the Visual Arts Master Studio of the Latvian Academy of Arts, Riga, Latvia;
International Exibition "ART MULTIPLE", Duseldorf, Germany;
1997 - Exibition of Paintings by Professors of the Latvian Art Academy, Bremen, Germany;
Exibition "2+1" in Gallery "Centre", Riga, Latvia;

His works are to be found in museums and private collections in Latvia, the USA, Russia, Germany and Japan.
Currently professor at the Latvian Academy of Arts, supervisor of the Visual Arts Master Studio, Rector of the Academy (since 1997).

"Art allows one to take risks and to refuse."

Reminiscences of Suprematism with Pathos. 1996.Velvet, enamel, varnish. 110 x 80 cm

Regalia. 1993. Acrylic on cardboard. 105 x 85 cm

Removed Center. 1996. Acrylic on cardboard.100 x 100 cm

Intensive Renovation of Non- existent Pseudo-roman Banquet. 1996. Installation

Intensive Renovation of Non- existent Pseudo-roman Banquet. 1996. Installation

Meeting at Night. 1991. Wood, mixed media. 70 x 45

Enchanted Princess.1994.Acrylic on cardboard.140x160cm

Woman in Rain. 1994. Oil on canvas. 40 x 80

To the Briefing. 1990. Acrylic on cardboard. 200 x 180 cm

Nostalgia concentrate. 1990. Oil on canvas.70 x 80 cm

Foreseeing. 1990. Oil on canvas.50 x 90 cm

Sunset. 1995. Oil on canvas.80 x 80 cm

Stones near the Sea. 1997. Oil on canvas.50 x 80 cm

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