Born in 1932. Professional training: Janis Rozentals Art School of Riga (1948 - 1953), Graphic Arts Department at the Latvian Academy of Arts (1954 - 1960) under the supervision of professor A. Apinis.
Contributor to exhibitions since 1956. A member of the Artists' Union of Latvia as of 1963. A member of the B - 13 Association (1993 - 1998) since 1993. Above twenty personal shows in Latvia and abroad. Participation in international exhibitions in Riga, Tallinn, Moscow, Vilnius, and in Norway, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Sweden, Poland, Egypt, Great Britain, France, the United States, and Japan.
Awards at the 1st, 2nd, 6th and 7th Tallinn graphic arts triennials; a prize in 1968, Certificates of Merit in 1972, 1983 and 1986; Honorary Mention and a medal for creative work from the Artists' Union of Latvia in 1979, a prize for book design at the international competitive exhibition in Vilnius in 1994; a prize for etchings at the Baltic Graphic Arts Biennial in Sweden in 1993; a prize and a medal at the International Graphic Arts Biennial in the Netherlands in 1994.
Currently professor at the Latvian Academy of Arts and supervisor of the Etching Master Studio.

"Black and white print is like a velvety, emotional flow of the cello in a man's soul."

  Tower. 1991. Paper, etching, acquatint. 100,5x 50 cm

  The Abduction of Light. 1993. Paper, watercolor. 78 x 63 cm

  A Chest. 1991. Paper, etching, aquatint. 50 x 100,5 cm

  Cleopatra I. 1993. Paper, watercolour. 89 x 78 cm

  The She-wolf's Retreat. 1994. Paper, watercolour.
63 x 78 cm

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