Born in 1953. Professional training: Department of Art Education at the Latvian Academy of Arts (1973 - 1981) under the supervision of professor U. Danilevskis.
Contributor to exhibitions since 1977. A member of the Artists' Union of Latvia.
He has three personal exhibitions to her credit. Her works are to be found in the State Art Museum and Artists' Union of Latvia, as well as in private collections in Latvia, Australia, the United States, Great Britain, and Sweden.

"Everything or nothing."

  Flowers in an Italian Vase. 1991. Oil on canvas. 100 x 80 cm

  Dream. 1991. Oil on canvas. 98 x 85 cm

  Forest. 1993. Oil on canvas. 100 x 84 cm

  Summer.1994. Oil on canvas. 100 x 100 cm

  In the Garden. 1993. Oil on canvas. 50 x 65 cm

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