Born in 1956. Professional training: Riga Applied Arts School (1972 - 1976), Department of Interior Design and Furnishings of the Latvian Academy of Arts
(1976 - 1981).
Contributor to exhibitions since 1978. A member of the Artists' Union of Latvia as of 1985 and now a board member. A member of the B - 13 Association (1993 - 1998) since 1993.
He has held several personal exhibitions in Latvia and Germany. His works are to be found in art galleries and private collections in Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Japan, Sweden, Finland, and France.
Second place at a competitive exhibition in Prague (1986); 1st place at the "Space and Form" international competitive exhibition in Tallinn (1990); 2nd place at a competitive exhibition in Tours (1991); 1st place at a competition of mural painting for downtown Riga (1996); 1st place at a mural painting competition in Kalamazoo, USA (1996): a prize at the contest for the memorial sign to the victims of communist terror in Riga (1997).
Associate professor at the Latvian Academy of Arts. He has taught as guest professor at the Academy of Arts in Munich (Germany) and at the Sorbonne in Paris, and has practiced as a stained-glass maker in the United States, France, and Germany.

"My motto for contemporary art and culture is: None of your buzzing, flies, the horse is still alive and kicking! "

  A Couple. 1992. Glass, lead, painting. 49 x 65 cm

  A Torso. 1993. Glass, lead, painting. 49 x 65 cm

  Still Life. 1992. Glass, lead, painting. 77 x 67 cm

  Scamps. 1993. Glass, lead, painting. 49 x 65 cm

  Imprints. 1994. Glass, lead, painting. 69 x 95 cm

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